2021 – the 8th Burapha University International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Co-Conference with The 11th International Conference of Sports and Exercise Science, 3 September 2021, Virtual Conference

2021 – the 8th Burapha University International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Co-Conference with The 11th International Conference of Sports and Exercise Science

3 September 2021
Virtual Conference
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Agriculture and Food Technology
1.Success Story of Thai Tulip Selection at Tak Province
Vichai Puripunyavanich, Kasetrin Dech-Oop, Lamai Maikaew and Mayuree Limtiyayothin
2.Anthracnose resistant breeding in chili by electron beam irradiation
Vichai Puripunyavanich, Lamai Maikaeo, Mayuree Limtiyayotin, Taweepong Na Nan and Narisra Suwan
3.Ethanolic extract from Pluchea indica tea leaves suppresses cervical cancer cell growth by promoting ROS production
Panata Iawsipo, Rotsukon Poonbud and Natcha Somtragool
4.Effect of Gamma Rays on Seed Germination and Survivability of Cannabis sativa L.sups. indica
Lamai Maikaeo, Vichai Puripunyavanich, Mayuree Limtiyayothin and Piyanuch Orpong
5.An Application of Biological Circularity in Broiler Feed Production
Weerapattra Phimphakarn, Prakaytham Suksatit, Nongnuch Poolsawad and Thanwadee Chinda
6.Measuring the Circularity of Crude Palm Oil
Muthita Kachapoch, Jantima Samneangngam, Nongnuch Poolsawad and Thanwadee Chinda
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Energy and Smart Materials
1.Influence of N2 Flow Rate on the Structure of CrZrN Thin Films Prepared by Reactive DC Magnetron Co-Sputtering
Nirun Witit-Anun, Amonrat Khambun, Siriwat Alaksanasuwan and Adisorn Buranawong
2.Comparison between Present and Proposed Future Waste Management Plans for Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Yangon City, Myanmar
Mo Mo, Seksan Papong and Thabwadee Chinda
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Health and Wellness
1.Efficacy and Safety of Cream Containing Centella Asiatica Extract for Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Patients
Nutcha Tengtermwong, Chonnakarn Musigavong, Aungkana Krajarng and Parunkul Tungsukruthai
2.Feasibility and Safety of Combining Thai Massage and Physical Therapy in Acute Stroke Patients with Hemiplegia compared with Physical Therapy Only
Yupin Kaeokoket, Makorn Limudomporn, Wannaporn Eaimworawuthikul, Somboon Kietinun, Parunkul Tungsukruthai, Chuntida Kamalashiran and Kusuma Sriyakula
3.The Effects of Breathing Training Using a Wind Mill Toy on Pulmonary Function Respiratory Muscle Strength and Quality of Life in Patients with COPD
Somboon Kietinun, Sarawut Jansang, Parunkul Tungsukruthai, Kusuma Sriyakul and Aungkana Krajarng
4.The Comparative study of Efficacy and Safety between Ching-Dug and Diclofenac in Pain Management of Non-specific Low Back Pain
Sherab Dorji, Kusuma Sriyakul, Karma Tenzin, Pratya Phetkate and Somboon Keitinun
5.Synthesis of Caerulomycin A
Jesada Maneewong, Natthiya Saehlim and Rungnapha Saeeng
6.Comparative safety index and environmental analyses of dimethyl ether production via CO2 utilization
Mattana Santasnachok, Anamai Thetkathuek and Teeranun Nakyai
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Tourism and Creative Economy
Liang Ma and Petcharut Viriyasuebphong
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Applied Engineering and Industrial 4.0
1.Neuro-Fuzzy based Monitoring System to Predict Deliverability for Automotive Rubber Part Supply Chain Management
Kitisak Tangchaidee and Suthep Butdee
2.Distortion Prediction of Bus Body Manufacturing on a Co-bot Welding with MIG using Neuro-Fuzzy based Reasoning
Suthep Butdee and Jedsadarng Thanomsin
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Humanities, Social sciences, Arts, and Culture
1.Living Composition as Flexible Music—Creating Ancient Chanting and Time Song IV: Diverse Voices
Koji Nakano
2.From Africa to Asia: the shared path of Ethiopia and Cambodia
Riccardo Corrado, Audrey Liwan and Tihitena Melesse
3.Lessons from the financial crisis. The study of Thai companies’ financial risk assessment and Firm performance during 2003-2013.
Rinrada Sangbua and Wanrapee Banchuenvijit
4.Murder Your Darlings in the Translating of Touristic Texts
Laphatrada O'Donnell
5.AUN-AYCF Thailand: the Collaboration of Cultural Performing Arts for the Youth with Creative learning sustainably
Kittipan Chittep and Pattara Komkam
6.MUPA Dance Troupe: From A Dance Training Class to School Dance Company
Visaka Saeui
Tanarach Anukul
8.Redesigning Sustainable Local Curriculum through Self-Determined Learning in International Higher Education
Charlton Bruton
9.Muslim Vernacular houses in Communities on the Tha-Sala Seacoast: Tha-Sala , Nakhonsrithammarat
Narissa Noitaptim, Suphat Bunyarittikit and Sutta Sriphadej
10.The Derivation of Relative Weight for Severity Level of Traffic Accidents using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Wanit Treeranurat and Suthathip Suanmali
11.Minimizing Total Inventory Cost of the Air Conditioner Industry through Fluctuation of Demand during Covid-19 Pandemic
Anon Na Thalang and Thanwadee Chinda
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Sport Science
1.Mental Toughness of Professional Football League Players in Eastern Region of Thailand
Narongrid Nimmark
2.Heart Rate Variability and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Relation with Visceral Adiposity in Obese Adults
Jatuporn Phoemsapthawee, Piyaporn Tumnak, Ratree Ruangthai, Andaman Klomklorm, Pilanee Vaithanomsat and Piyapong Prasertsri
3.Foreign Spectators’ Satisfaction towards Service Quality of Thai Boxing Stadium in Bangkok
Kanoknan Suchao-In, Pongsagon Chueairam, Chatchawan Chaimart and Thee Trongjitpituk
4.The Relation of the Ladder Training Combined with the Training of Returning Serves between Performance of Returning Serves Tennis of Students in Thailand National Sports University.
Haruesanunt Janthong, Anuchit Thaesungnern and Sathin Prachanban
5.The Relation of Z M Running Patterns between Agility of Table Tennis Players in the Primary School Level
Chanoknat Rattanachaloemwong, Luxsamee Chimwong and Pimpa Moungsirithum
6.Exploratory Factors Analysis of ICT Factors in Parental Decision on Selecting Game and Sports Activities for Primary Home School Student in Bangkok Province
Tatchai Nussaya, Sumonratree Nimnapan and Sathin Prachanban
7.An Investigation of IGF-I Level and Macronutrient Predictors Energy Intake in Young Swimmers
Natthida Bangmek and Sukanya Charoenwattana
8.The effects of kayak seat types on: Power output, Trunk and Pelvis kinematics
Punyavee Nuchyou, Parunchaya Jamkrajang and Weerawat Limroongreungrat
9.Mindfulness in Sports of Thai Paralympic Athletes
Sarawut Kusump
10.Effects of Caffeinated Drinks on Brain Waves Responses during Isokinetic Exercise in Healthy Males
Prapan Noppongsakit, Amornpan Ajjimaporn and Rungchai Chaunchaiyakul
11.The effects of exercise by swinging the arms on the feet in combination with massage to relax the muscles on physical performance in the elderly. Nutdanai Jaronsukwimon
Nutdanai Jaronsukwimon
12.Effect of Eri Silkworm Supplementation on Physical Performance of Male Athletes
Jittima Monglaykang, Orachorn Boonla and Piyapong Prasertsri
13.Stress Levels of Thai National Team Athletes with Disabilities during Training Camp for Participating in Qualifier Events of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games
Rachnavy Pornthep
14.Attitude Toward Exercise Affects Health Behaviors Of Burapha University Students In 2017
Titinun Auamnoy
15.Physical fitness and anthropometric characteristics of the blind national 5-a-side football players
Metta Pinthong
16.Comparisons of Pacing Strategy on 500 m, 1000m, 1500m, and 2000m Rowing Ergometer Performance in Thai National Para Rowers
Rachnavy Pornthep
17.The Level of Study Physical Fitness for Physical Education Students and Sport Science students before Professional Experience at Buriram Rajabhat University
Pruchaya Chumvangvapee
18.Examining Grip Strength in Table Tennis Players
Suttirak Nasome, Supon Yapapha, Watcharapon Boonkro, Chanwit Intarak and Krissanat Putthithanasombat
19.Effect of Circuit Training on Lean Body Mass and Body Fat in College Students
Watcharakorn Wanghunklang, Chanwit Intarak, Tevet Junhom, Nattasit Suwannawat and Dollapa Pasokchat
20.Study of Somatic Anxiety and Cognitive Anxiety of Male Football Players
Supattra Raksarson, Tuenjai Yubolwat, Nattaya Yubolwat, Sophonwit Chapukdee, Chayanon Awikunprasert and Naruepon Vongjaturapat
21.Effects of Exercise Program Using Elastic on Physical Fitness in the Elderly
Laddawan Kaewsai, Orathai Anurakwattana, Bhumsit Satjahattayasom, Nanthiya Silachai and Kultida Tienphati
22.Open and Close Skills on the Basic Psychological Needs of Thai Paralympic Athletes
Kultida Tienphati, Laddawan Kaewsai, Manatsiri Khongrassame, Dollapa Pasokchat and Ratchata Rosungnoen
Total papers under this category : 22 paper(s)